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Looking for someone who provides installation and storage of holiday lighting in Midland, MI and the surrounding area? Look no further than Phoenix Landscapes.

It’s one of those traditions that has never “gotten old.” Lighting up our yards to celebrate the holiday season. In days past we burned candles in the window, lighting the streets for passersby. Today we display outdoor lights that delight families going for holiday drive to look at the luminous sculptures. Indeed, holiday lighting is here to stay! As a child, you loved Christmas lights with nativity scenes, Santa and his reindeer, snowmen, and carolers. As a child, you likely didn’t have to think about the burden of untangling Christmas lights or going through a long string of lights to see which bulb is causing the entire string to not work. Holiday lighting was magical. As an adult, holiday lighting can be a chore.

Now you can enjoy the lights like you did as a kid, without a headache that can come with making these whimsical scenes come to life. Nor do you have to worry about the time and effort in outlining your roof. Enjoy the lighting and leave the heights and untangling to us.

One Less Thing to Worry About this Holiday Season!
We design, install, maintain, remove and store outdoor holiday lighting in Midland, MI and for residents throughout the Great Lakes Bay Bay Region.

Leave it to the professionals!
Roofline lighting is pretty, but hanging it can be precarious at best, especially when ice is present. Standing on tall ladders to reach the roof’s edge can be dangerous, so for that reason, it can also be a good option to leave it to the professionals.


A tasteful holiday lighting display is a welcoming presence to family, friends, and neighbors!

Whether it’s string lights or festive designs, lights are a fun way to add to the holiday season. The beauty of snow-covered trees and shrubs can also be accentuated by holiday lighting. Lighted rooflines draw attention to your home’s architectural design and light up the area to make it more festive and safe.

Phoenix Landscapes provides holiday lighting in Midland, MI and throughout the Great Lakes Bay Region. Contact us today to talk to us about your lighting needs.

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Whether it’s string lights or festive designs, lights are a fun way to add to the holiday season.


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