Why use landscape lighting?
Your bushes and shrubs look amazing. They are well kept and manicured to perfection. It’s a shame to only see your beautiful landscape’s features during the day. You’re at work all day and then when you come home it’s not too long until dark. By lighting up your landscape, you can enjoy your outdoor space longer.

Match landscape lighting to your purpose
With so many choices for landscape lighting, it’s good to first decide what look you hope to create and which type of fixture will best serve that function. Here are some suggestions:

Moon/Down Lighting
Diffused, gentle lighting placed up high so the light shines down.

Illuminates an object from the front.

Back Lighting
Used to create drama. Shining the light source from behind the object.

Path Lighting
Gentle lighting placed in order to guide a direction.

Cross Lighting
Creates depth by illuminating elements from multiple sides.

Using a reflective surface, such as water, to create the reflection of a figure that is being illuminated.

Phoenix Landscapes offers landscape lighting for all situations!
Landscape lighting can set a romantic mood when having dinner on your patio. Lighting can be used to spotlight a fountain or a bench along a path. Landscape lighting also adds safety when you come home at night and for your neighbors out for a jog or walking their dogs.

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Whether it’s string lights or festive designs, lights are a fun way to add to the holiday season.


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