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With professional landscape lighting, you can host dinner parties and truly enjoy being outside on summer nights. While it used to cost a day’s work for 10 minutes of light, innovation has dramatically evolved since then. Light technology has allowed us to stay up late reading or spending time with others in our homes. On summer nights, why not host a gathering of family and friends outside? After the cabin fever that comes with Michigan winters, why not maximize the time you can spend outdoors? The time when we can enjoy relaxing outdoors in Michigan is very limited – let us light your nights so you can maximize that time.

Eye-catching safety
For your brick-and-mortar business, grabbing customers’ attention is crucial. Using outdoor lighting to create a welcoming environment helps attract passersby on the sidewalk. For example, if you own an Irish Pub or restaurant, you know how important it is to create a warm feeling. Motorists seeing your well-lit business are also exposed to your brand every time they drive by.

Our LED lighting solutions can help you save money
LEDs are safer to use, last longer, more cost efficient and provide excellent coverage.

Use lighting to create an atmosphere everyone will enjoy!
With porch, patio, and deck lighting you can host dinner parties and truly enjoy being outside in summer.

Functional Landscape Lighting Solutions
Phoenix Landscapes will accentuate your outdoor living space by selecting the most appropriate lighting, in terms of fixtures and positioning, for your home. Trust our knowledge and expertise for your outdoor lighting design, installation, and repair needs.


Holiday and Display Lighting

Whether it’s string lights or festive designs, lights are a fun way to add to the holiday season. The beauty of snow-covered trees and shrubs can also be accentuated by holiday lighting. Lighted rooflines draw attention to your home’s architectural design and light up the area to make it more festive and safe. 


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"I am very satisfied! Service is excellent and personable - you seem to care about your customers."

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Residential and Commercial Irrigation Systems

Whether it’s string lights or festive designs, lights are a fun way to add to the holiday season.


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